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The mismanagement of your health

Bad health is the mismanagement of what God gave us. This is a wake-up call for Christians!


The church has many books on healing, but few on maintaining good health. There's a difference between needing healing and living in health. Many Christians live in a way that leads to physical issues, by consuming food and drink that can cause sickness and disease. This blog post is about health. I believe in miracles and healings, and that we have a right to experience them when needed. However, I don't believe in neglecting our bodies and being irresponsible, and then expecting miracles to fix our poor choices. We should live responsibly.

We often place the blame for sickness on God and the devil, when in reality it is our own doing. We are the ones who choose to consume unhealthy things, leading to issues like being overweight. God and the devil are not responsible. Our choices, such as smoking, drugs, alcohol, snacks, junk food, most meats, sugary beverages, and other unhealthy items, lead to these consequences. Instead of taking responsibility, we sometimes blame God and then ask for healing. Real change can only happen once we acknowledge our own role in our health and truly commit to making positive changes. I aim to support you in creating healthier habits that can transform your life.

Proverbs 19:3 People ruin their lives by their own foolishness and then blame the LORD.

Doc Murphy

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