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Who We Are

Hello! Thanks for checking us out! There are a few things that we've discovered that people need and want in life. We want to be the church that will help you be victorious in every area of life through Jesus Christ!


People want to discover who they are and their God-given life purpose. People want to have a more profound knowledge of the Bible. People want to rekindle the love they once shared with their spouses. People want to know how to solve life’s problems.

What are some of the problems we are all facing:

At Everywhere Church, we know what it's like to struggle with different issues and seek God's wisdom for solutions and answers. Because of the ongoing recession and inflation, many people are struggling financially and are looking for solutions to their financial hardships. Maintaining a healthy body is a major issue in our society. People want to place their children in a safe learning environment and not have their children indoctrinated with agendas that are harmful to our children. There is so much pain, mental health issues, physical health issues, marital issues, parenting issues, crime, and sex trafficking, and most people don't know what to do or how to overcome these rising problems. We get it...but there is help!


At Everywhere Church, we provide the necessary resources, a community of faith, and Biblical information to help answer your questions and help you overcome and win in these areas. We do it through accurate teaching of God's Word, outreach initiatives, Everywhere University (our Discipleship Course), powerful praise and worship, Widman University (our business and finance course), leadership development, conferences, and community groups. In all, we want to ensure that you have a healthy spiritual life as well as physically, mentally, financially, and relationally. Our pastors (Doc and Mary Murphy)  have been in ministry for almost 30 years and have helped thousands of families overcome and live the life Christ desires for them to live.


We invite you and your family to join us at one of our locations.  We have a great spirit-led church gathering. We also have a free Book for you to take back home with you. You will also be able to sign up for our Discipleship Course and Business and Finance Course.  Give us a try, we will do our best to make sure you don't regret it! We look forward to seeing you soon!


Go to the locations page to find our service times and the location you want to attend.

Matthew 24:14 And the Good News about the Kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations will hear it; and then the end will come.

Our Mission

Everywhere Beliefs

Everywhere Mission

2024 Mission:  To reach 1,000 people through Everywhere Fire which includes: Everywhere Films and Community Outreach Initiatives, and make 500 Everywhere disciples by taking them through Everywhere University. We want 500 people attending our gatherings each week in 2024. We will deploy them in the community in their area of influence. We will accomplish this by DECEMBER 2024 because everyone needs to know about the love of Jesus so their lives can radically change for the better.

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Our Vision

We see Everywhere Churches in every city in the US and every nation in the world. 

Our Ministries

  • Everywhere University

  • Kids Everywhere

  • Students Everywhere

  • Everywhere Worship

  • Widman University/The 8:18 Division (Business)

  • Everywhere Fire (Evangelism and Outreach)

Join us for Church this Week!

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