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Getting Free From the Green- Eyed Monster (Jealousy)

An Excerpt from the Book "The Green Eyed Monster Game". You can order it here:

Jealousy is a complex and often destructive emotion. It's alarming how frequently we see it in our society. Parents exhibit jealousy of their children, while church members are jealous of their pastors and each other. Even friends can be jealous of each other, and the list goes on. One would think that people would be delighted and supportive of others' success, but this is not always the case.

Our culture fosters competitiveness, which tends to breed jealousy. Even in team sports, where everyone should be working together to achieve success, some team members can become envious of their peers' accomplishments. Instead of rejoicing in the success of the whole team, jealous individuals harbor resentment, hoping for the spotlight to shine on them. This attitude is unreasonable and counterproductive.

It's perplexing to note that some leaders experience feelings of jealousy toward their followers. This behavior is indicative of their insecurity and immaturity, which can be a perilous trait in leadership positions.

During my early days in ministry, I encountered a situation with my spiritual leader. Despite my accomplishments, whenever I achieved something noteworthy, he would respond with negativity. In fact, he would actively discourage me from pursuing anything significant. Had I listened to him, I would not have achieved any of the things that I have accomplished, and that the Lord has called me to do. The situation even escalated to the point where he projected his own jealousy onto me. It was utter madness! When I would do something that he had never done or accomplished something big he literally would say I was jealous of HIM. Despite my best efforts to produce fruit and assist him, he accused me of being jealous of him. This experience serves as a testament to the destructive nature of the green-eyed monster.

Pastor Doc Murphy

You can order the Book to read the rest.

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